The seven princes of hell

The seven princes of hell as described by the demon known as “Chibi”

“Do you know why the seven princes of hell are so special? Of course because they are powerful… but not just that. They were born from the old man Satan himself, and they have his power in them. Impressive, that. But that’s not it, either.
‘Cause no matter how powerful you are, it won’t intimidate anyone unless you make it known. You probably haven’t noticed, but we don’t have names. Not proper ones. You call the angel over there Tomato, and you call me Chibi because he did, and I don’t know about Cecil, but we don’t have names. We don’t need them, since we can tell everything from feeling each other’s essence. But you can’t instil fear with that.
Satan realized that. His demons were powerful, but they couldn’t get talked about. Without a way to spread their recognition, they were nothing special compared to the archangels he left behind. So he gave them names, too. They are the only demons with true names. When you swallow their power and make it your own, you gain their identity as well… Not that you folk would understand, since you’re all being named from birth without doing anything to earn it.”

Additionally commented upon by the angel known as “Tomato.”

“Which is why when becoming a prince of hell that certain someone has to be strong as ever or he’ll get killed within days. Unless making the overtaking messy enough to scare away possible… throne-ascendants, the one who takes over a name will be challenged again and again until it is proved beyond any measure that he is strong enough to be a prince of hell. Which naturally will _never _happen, because after all – this is hell we’re talking about.”

The seven princes of hell

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