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There is more to the world than you think.
Long ago, when all planes were closer demons and angels walked among humans – conveying the good of their cause openly and bringing followers to their side.
Openly? No, not quite. Too few of the human race have the ability to see anything beyond what the mind can comprehend at first glance. But the races have mixed and mingled since the creation of the world, a thin balance between the two warring species’, both claiming that their side eventually would win.
Then came the first major rift roughly five millennium ago, when Lucifer – God’s most beloved child, betrayed Him and took almost a quarter of all the angels with him and switched sides to the one of Hell. The reasons are unknown, but rumors tell of love and converting beyond anything seen previously.
The truce between the planes were over just like that, and for long the planes were sealed.
Those stuck in between could only watch in despair as their homes were gone forever.

Years passed, and after a great deal of mellowing down it was decided that those who had converted followers were to be taken back into service and allowed free passage between all planes.
But everyone knows that eventually the war will break out for real, and then one plane will forever vanish.

Recruiting those on Earth most valuable is a task given only to the highest who do not guard Elysium or Tartarus. No longer can the forces be even.


The Seven Princes of Hell

Main Page

The Devil's Thrill Lady