Angels as a race in general can be described as winged followers of God. If they choose to have a gender they may, but as angels rarely reproduce they are mostly seen as a genderless species. Any angel can deviate in shape as it wishes.


Wings consists of feathers that are white in color. However, if an angel should fall from grace the color will darken from root to tip from black at it’s core to white at the tips.

The wings of an angel dictates its level of power and faith. Every newborn angel begins with a set of wings barely reaching to the end of the rib-cage, but as time and level of faithfulness goes they grow and maybe even increasing its wingspan. However; to increase amount of wings the angel in question must perform outstanding events. The average angel has one set of wings the span of two and a half meters.
The maximum amount of wings that has been encountered is five pairs, and only the ten highest ranking angels have that many.
Every angel can fold its wings back into its skin, leaving only a painting – a tattoo, of it on its skin.

Guardian Angel

A guardian angel is appointed to a human pure of heart. They protect and grant wishes. Guardian angels are the ones most closely accounted for having been seen by humans, as they associate the most with them.

Angel of Death

There are three ranks among the angels of death.
Third rank soothes those about to die and guides them to heaven once they die. They are typically gentle beings with little wish for anything but easing pain. They walk among battlefields and encourages those who fight bravely. They will act with mercy and offer death to those who wish for it and are too far gone to be saved by medicine.
Second rank are hunters who will smite anyone opposing the might of God.
The first rank of the angels of death are the angels who will stand at the front line when the final battle comes. Only they have the strength of mind and body to fight against the monstrosities of Hell.

Guardian <—— HNGH think of another name Goddammit

The ones who guard Elysium. The last defense.


Mages. Ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing.


Higher ups. The most trusted.
Michael / Raphael / Gabriel / Uriel bla. bla. bla.


The Devil's Thrill Lady